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Equine Four Flex
Equine joint formula.

Equine Four Flex HA
Equine joint formula with HA (Sodium Hyaluronate)
Canine Four Flex
Canine joint formula.
Desert Pure Yucca
The highest quality yucca powder with all natural Saponins.
Four Hoof
Premium equine hoof formula.

Top quality equine & canine
joint formula, since 1990!

Sherrel Heath with Honorthymomandpop (aka Cat). Cat competed at the major Southern California race tracks and now resides at Sher Mar Farm in Ramona, Ca along with several other retired thoroughbreds where they are being retrained as pleasure, jumping, dressage, or trail horses. Romping in the pastures with the thoroughbreds are warmblood dressage horses belonging to Maggi, Sherrel's wife and partner in the business. All horses are given Fourflex every day, even the young ones. Prevention seems to lend itself to a long and healthfull life. Sherrel formulated Fourflex in 2001 so that his horses would have the very best joint support a product could offer. It then became a viable commercial product.

BFD - Big Flexing Deal
60 oz. - $79.95
Four Flex HA
60 oz. - $79.95
Four Hoof
5 lbs. - $59.95